Victus Dralkin

Tall, proud, red dragonborn


Height:7 feet
Weight: 300 lb
Skin: red
Eyes: Red Predator
alignment: Chaotic good
religion: Grumbar


Across the endless sea, in the forgotten valleys, on the throat of the world lived a clan of proud dragonborns. The Dralkin were masters of all crafts and trade, their blood ran hot with the magic of the ancients. I (victus) was the apprentice to a powerful sorcerer and his magic was known far and wide to be one of the most powerful individuals in the land.
One day an alliance of orc, goblins, marauders, and demons attacked the Dralkin. It was a huge battle and the Dralkin fought bravely but they were vastly outnumbered. the ancient sorcerer seeing the ebb of the battle was against his clan began chanting in all languages known and unknown. the entire battle was brought to a standstill when every creature on the battlefield could feel the pull of dark magic. The Dralkin were a deeply spirtual people and they recognized the deity that was summoned before them.
A giant dragon forged of pure dragon-fire threw itself into the battle. This was Apeb, god of evil, fire, and serpents and all participants of the battle fled but to no avail. The dragon slew everyone until the mountains shook with the gods fury. The Dralkin were no more as Apeb had long since broken the feeble chains the sorcerer had attempted to throw around the dragon. only Victus stood against this dragon but knew he had no chance to slay this god. He turned to his former master who writhed in pain as apeb tortured him for summoning a deity such as himself. breathing dragonfire as it had not been breathed in a thousand years victus weaved together a massive lance of pure dragonfire it hummed with the energy of the ancients as if the power of his people now destroyed stood behind him. Leaping forward he threw this lance with all his might at the old sorcerer breaking through every magical defense Apeb could construct. It smote the sorcerer in the chest resulting in an explosion of flames and thunder as the dragon writhed in pain. The gods anchor to the mortal world had been broken. Mountains cracked with the force of the flame and the mountain top crumbled leave nothing in its place. The whole area collapsed swallowing the combatants. Victus collapsed with his efforts satisfied that he had done what was required but the gods were not finished with Victus. Grumbar god of the mountain, keeper of all knowledge cleaved the mountain in two around victus leaving him in a deep ravine leading to the sea and to the mainland which had been clouded in myth and legend for the dralkin as few had left over the generations. From here facts diverge and who can say what really happened.

Victus Dralkin

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